March 23rd, 2008

New Tilley Hat

Karen's Time Capsule

minnehaha K made a time capsule when she was 9 (or so she remembered) and opened it at Minicon 43. Here we see what she buried: Chicago Tribune (?) from November 1969 announcing the Apollo 12 moon landing.

Moon Landing Apollo 12 headlines
Minnehaha K holds up newspaper: Apollo 12 Lands On The Moon
Minicon 43, March 21, 2008CE
headlines read
Dateline: The Moon
(caption of fuzzy picture) Conrad and Bean jubilant as they walk on the moon
'It's wild'
Happy moonmen set walk record
Only failure: TV conks out

I remember watching the Apollo 12 landing, and listening all night when the tv camera conked out after being pointed at the sun. They tried everything to fix the camera and nothing worked. Finally, they tried hitting it with a hammer. That didn't work either.