March 24th, 2008

New Tilley Hat

Death by Karate

Fiona "attacking" MN-StF President lydy
Closing Ceremonies, Minicon 43, March 23, 2008CE

A brief recap: The President of MN-StF holds the office for life. Therefore, the only way to change presidents is through assassination. At least, that's the tradition. The Assassination of the President occurs at Closing Ceremonies at Minicon. Each assassination is different, often chosen by the victim, though I (as MC of Closing Ceremonies) often write or participate in them.

A few years ago our President had to resign in mid-term, sans assassination, leaving the job to the Vice-President. At Closing Ceremonies, there was confusion as to the precise mode of succession and lawyer Rob Ihinger explained the legalisms to the then-president who's brain exploded, establishing the precedent of Death by Bylaws.

Rob's daughters, Fiona and Delia (as well as Peg) are very into karate, and both are black belts in their respective divisions. Last year, I inveigled them to help out at Closing Ceremonies. We've spent the year honing the routine. And then, at the last minute, both girls decided they were tired and sore (from karate practice) and wanted a shortened bit. Unsurprisingly, Lydy agreed.

The girls, dressed in their outfits, did a short routine... but wanted a board to break. "We don't have a Board to break, but we have a President." Great! They did a short "form", using bo (a stick, in Delia's hand) and kama (small scythe-like weapons seen here held by Fiona) with the president in the middle... and the president didn't survive. Death by Karate!

The girls ran off, leaving Lydy crumpled on the floor. At which point Rob stood up, and made the legalistic argument that according to the bylaws the President was very specifically not a member of the board, and therefore her participation didn't count. And so the new president, Lydy, was resurrected.

All hail the new president!