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Sunday, May 4th, 2008

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Marian Turner
Marian Turner
Marian Turner
Blaisdell Polytechnic, May 3, 2008CE

Playing with the "Party" setting on the camera, this picture was taken without flash. For the most part, the low-light pictures weren't so good; perhaps I need a different setting to get better focus. Still, it was a great deal of fun taking picture after picture that wasn't apparent. Here, Marian is talking to her friend Charlotte (the hand on the lower right) at the MN-STF meeting yesterday.
Doug Wickstrom and friend
Doug Wickstrom and friend
Doug Wickstrom and friend
Blaisdell Polytechnic, May 3 2008CE

MN-StF President lydy ran for the Board on a platform of "Beer and Tigers". When the meetings are at her house, both abound.

Off to the May Day Parade!
No Homesteading on Lake Street
May Day Parade 2008
"No, I don't care how bad the subprime mortgage crisis is,
you can't build a house in the middle of the intersection"
May Day Parade, Mpls, May 4, 2008CE

I took over 500 pictures with my new camera, and nearly a hundred of them plotzed. For some reason, the image didn't save to the chip. The thumbnail did, so I can tell which pictures were gone. There seems to be no pattern to the phenomena. I dunno.

And I'm not terribly happy with the pictures I did get, for the most part. Maybe they'll look better in full PhotoShop mode with cropping and such. Still, if I get a few dozen really good shots then it will have been a good day. This is one of them, more for the humor value than the technical wizardry.

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