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Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

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A Change of Mind
A Change of Mind
"What must we do to live
gloriously and sustainably
without fossil fuels?
Time for a change of mind!"
I call this one "solarhead"
dunno what the bees are doing
May Day Parade, Mpls, May 4 2008CE
The Bucket List: Joe
Joe with bucket
rvrjoe775 collected more than a bucket's worth of donations
May Day Parade, May 4, 2008CE

The Parade, Ceremony and Festival are all free, and at the end of the parade (not during the themed sections but before the Free Speech section), the bucket brigade comes out. Several fans volunteered to work the crowd.
A Tarot Reading
A Tarot Reading
A Tarot Reading
Using a Morgan Deck, minnehaha K does a reading for Mrs. soarhead
flanked by dreamshark and tesla_aldrich
May Day, MN-StF Picnic, May 4, 2008CE

I stayed until just after Mary Jo's reading. Just before I left, I wanted a one card a quickie. I drew Eternal Bliss. I don't know if I'm quite that happy, but today was the first day I walked outside in shorts in a long time. We'll see about the Eternal part...
butterfly on May Day
May Day Parade, May 4 2008CE

Lots of butterflies in the parade, but more than just gossamer wings. She's also on stilts.
Veggie Queen
Veggie Queen
Berkeley CA, June 6, 2007CE

Yes, I'm officially 12 months behind in editing picture galleries. This is part of a series taken in last summer while I was in Berkeley on family matters. I published the picture of a gathering of fans at dinner back in June. I decided to pull the fannish pics out of the family gallery and will roll them into a Summer '07 gallery. It will be a while.

So much to do, so many game turns to take, so little energy...

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