May 18th, 2008

New Tilley Hat

Hidden Minneapolis: No Pet Waste In Garbage

I couldn't make the MN-StF meeting but it was too nice outside to just putter about in here. Alerted by the carrietastic pixelene and encouraged by 7ivy7, I went down to Milwaukee Ave. The street is short -- the four blocks from Franklin to 24th St., where 23rd Ave. might have been -- and off the beaten track -- no cars. I parked near the Seward Cafe (by itself a trip down memory lane, which I'll talk about later) and walked up Milwaukee and down 22nd Ave. I'll post a montage, so you can get a greater sense of the quiet street and preserved architecture. For now, this picture, taken at what would have been the intersection of Milwaukee Ave. and 22nd St. in Minneapolis except that the street is cut off. Not wanting to build a house over the former intersection (I'm guessing), they made a mini park.
Milwaukee Ave, Minneapolis
Milwaukee Ave, Minneapolis, May 17 2008CE
brown sign on lamppost:
Milwaukee Avenue Mini Park
This Park Closes at 10pm
No Drinking/Drugs
Keep Our Park Safe

sign on receptacle:
No Pet Waste In Garbage

Not exactly the pastoral midwestern township as depicted in The Music Man, but very nice in a genteel way.

More later.
New Tilley Hat

Hidden Minneapolis: Milwaukee Ave.

A few shots of Milwaukee Avenue in Minneapolis, taken May 17, 2008CE. Sorry for the small shots, but the feel of the place is more important than using bandwidth on larger pictures. I'll put them in a gallery RSN.

The first shot is of Milwaukee Ave. pointing South. The seventh shot is Milwaukee Ave. pointing North. The middle pic is a playground at the middle of the street. The last shot is actually on 22nd Ave, which also has some nice houses.