May 19th, 2008

New Tilley Hat

Everyone's Revenge

Off in ericcoleman's weekly guess the movie quote, the theme, "suggested by" me, is second movies. I remember where the suggestion comes from, though the specific sequel is hazy. I think it was Halloween II, with the tagline "They couldn't stop him... Now he's back!" that set me off. ETA Weird Al's Gandhi II was a major inspiration.

Everyone's Revenge
Shockwave Radio Theater, 4/10/90 (though that might be the second time, or when I typed it in...)

You thought she was dead but now she's back! When she was forced to take poison by the intolerance of her family and the family of the boy she loved, you thought she was gone, but this is a love story no longer. No Capulet or Montegue is safe. Romeo and Juliet Part II: Juliet's Revenge.

You thought he was dead but now he's back! When the rain came and washed him out, you thought he was gone, but then the sun came and dried up all the rain and this is a children's tale no longer. No one is safe. The Itsy Bitsy Spider Part II: The Spider's Revenge.

You thought he had ascended to heaven but now he's back! When he was nailed to a cross and disappeared three days later, you thought he was gone, but this is a religious epic no longer. No member of the Roman Empire is safe. The New Testamant Part II: Jesus' Revenge.