May 27th, 2008

New Tilley Hat

Combat related deaths

As we remember the brave soldiers who fell in combat, let us also remember those who's death is directly related to their duties but are not being counted. The Bush administration is waging a propaganda war against the US, and only the most gullible don't realize the lies and cover up. Officially (as of this writing), there are 4083 Coalition deaths in Iraq and 821 in Afghanistan. That doesn't count other deaths from injuries, and certainly doesn't count those seriously wounded. Even worse:

Hushing Up Crisis Of Suicide, Mental Scars:
CBS News did its own extensive research, finding that more than 6,250 American veterans took their own lives in 2005 alone. That comes to slightly more than 17 suicides every day.
Note that the official casualties list is of "Coalition" forces 2001-present, and the larger number of suicides is from the US in 2005.

The shame of being a conservative has never been greater. The surge failed. It's time for the adults to take over.
New Tilley Hat

Hidden Minneapolis: Directions Home

They make 50,000 of their best sellers a year. You see their products all over the place, worldwide and especially around here. Everybody has one in their car. But no one actually goes into the shop where the Hudson Map Company makes their Hudson's Guides and sell all sorts of interesting cartographic stuff. Partly because they're closed a lot. They don't seem to be open, even during business hours.

I went to visit on Friday afternoon, May 25 2008CE. The front door was closed. A sign said that the handicapped entrance was in the back, please ring bell. So I did. A very nice (but shy) lady named Kim showed me around the small shop, apologizing for being closed because "it was slow".

Sign on side of 2510 Nicollet,
as you drive north on Nicollet
Forlornly looking into the window
of the closed shop
Shirt says
Real Men Don't Ask Directions
Map and globes for sale
Hudson Map Company
Hidden Minneapolis!
The production studio where the maps are generated

From the website:
Hudson Map Company is 114 years old. The company was founded in 1892 by Horace B. Hudson from whom the company's name was derived.

Mr. Hudson wanted to develop his own cartographic capabilities so he started his own company, Hudson Map Company. He started out by making a small handbook of Minneapolis that highlighted things to do and see in the metro area. This small handbook was recognized as a must-have for visitors and people new to the area.
Hudson was bought out by Charles Hall and Walter Eng, who changed the direction of the company to specialize in maps. Eng eventually sold his share, and Hudson Map Co. remains a Hall family business.