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Saturday, May 31st, 2008

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Doug Friauf: The Video
Doug's brother Duane visited today, bearing an hour-long DVD of a bunch of digitized Super-8's taken by Doug. They picture is generally poor and Duane didn't edit any of the footage. Duane added a very nice blues soundtrack. Roughly half the hour is family or work stuff, including some shots in and around the IDS Crystal Court. The other half is fannish, mostly from the 1978-79 era. He has a long segment on Minicon 13 in 1978, a shorter segment on Iguanicon in 1978 and another short segment on Minicon 15 in 1979, with a few other bits thrown in that I didn't immediately recognize. The pictures go by quick and include brief shots of the Leamington, collating Rune 50, The Mimeo Man, markiv1111, fmsv, dd_b, Denny Lien, Jim Young, Scott Imes, Lee Pelton, Richard Tatge, Chip Delany, Rusty Hevelin, Bob Tucker, and (at Iggy) Harlan Ellison. Among many others. Alas, not me. Duane narrated the family stuff while I talked over the fannish. He now has a copy of Rune 78 to better understand conventions.

Duane is going to try to get a copy to Greg Ketter. I'm willing to make copies for people, if they're interested (and if the transfer can be made by hand).
A hailstorm passed through Mpls. I took a few pictures, but hail, even a street full of small white things, isn't that interesting to look at. We didn't get a great rainbow, but I'll take it. Out of my condo, looking east.
Rainbow over Minneapolis
Rainbow over Minneapolis
May 31, 2008CE

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