June 12th, 2008

New Tilley Hat

Summer 2007 Gallery up

Summer 2007 Gallery is on the web. Two pages that are linked together better than before so I'm going to eschew the "A" and "B" until I change my mind.

The gallery isn't finished, but as usual LiveJournal gets first crack at it. Work safe. And more finished than when I usually make them active, since I did the annotations by section and only have a couple to go.

Summer '07 is a catchall gallery with a few pictures each from:
Doug Friauf's Memorial service 4/28/07
A parade in support of immigration reform which I could see from my window. 5/1/07
A visit to Berkeley, CA including dinner with fans. 6/6/07
ericcoleman at Tillie's Bean. 6/22/07
mle292's birthday party. 6/24/07
Harry and the Potters at Pershing Park with pegkerr and family. 7/16/07
The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow book release event at the Mall of America. 7/20/07
MN-StF Picnic. 7/21/07
Minnesota State Fair. 8/24/07

Sheesh, that even sounds like a lot of work.

Again, I'm not quite ready to link it to the rest of the world and all the annotations of the larger pictures are not done.

Corrections encouraged.