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Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Time Event
Take this picture!
Jeff and Peter
"Take this picture of my missing teeth before I go to the dentist!"
galacticvoyeur brandishes his current bridgework while jbru looks on
home of minnehaha 6/7/08

His teeth, or lack of same, did not effect galacticvoyeur's doumbek playing.

This will probably be the last of these party pics for a while.
Summer 2007 Gallery up
Summer 2007 Gallery is on the web. Two pages that are linked together better than before so I'm going to eschew the "A" and "B" until I change my mind.

The gallery isn't finished, but as usual LiveJournal gets first crack at it. Work safe. And more finished than when I usually make them active, since I did the annotations by section and only have a couple to go.

Summer '07 is a catchall gallery with a few pictures each from:
Doug Friauf's Memorial service 4/28/07
A parade in support of immigration reform which I could see from my window. 5/1/07
A visit to Berkeley, CA including dinner with fans. 6/6/07
ericcoleman at Tillie's Bean. 6/22/07
mle292's birthday party. 6/24/07
Harry and the Potters at Pershing Park with pegkerr and family. 7/16/07
The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow book release event at the Mall of America. 7/20/07
MN-StF Picnic. 7/21/07
Minnesota State Fair. 8/24/07

Sheesh, that even sounds like a lot of work.

Again, I'm not quite ready to link it to the rest of the world and all the annotations of the larger pictures are not done.

Corrections encouraged.

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