June 14th, 2008

New Tilley Hat

Finished Summer 07 Gallery

*whew* Summer 2007 Gallery finished. I'll attach it to the rest of the world soon. My next goal, gallerywise, is to get one done before Convergence. Thanks for all the feedback. I'll probably just do the next major event chronologically, Minicon 2008.

If anyone's curious as to why I'm so far behind (you know who you are), it's because I was working on an oral history project. I recorded several conversations of people about my late cousin, and linked to the photo gallery which was part of the project. It's not exactly private, but I don't want to spread it too easily. To see (or hear) the interviews (and link to the pictures), go to my site slash rememberingkelly .

Onward to the MN-StF meeting!