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Friday, July 4th, 2008

Time Event
Convergence 101
Convergence 101
Convergence 101
Gypsy (in black) takes neofans on a tour
Convergence, 7/3/08

By 4pm on Thursday, when this picture was taken, Convergence was in full swing. This is Convergence's 10th anniversary (9 years, 10th con, as only Tim Wick got right at Opening Ceremonies) and so the con has expanded to five days. Yeah, five: In honor of the late Micheal Sheard, there will be an event at 12:01 Monday, officially slipping into the fifth day.

Neofan panels are a mainstay of large conventions, and I like the ones that take people out of the programming room for a boots-on-the-ground tour. I'm not sure what the rest of the panel was like, but as Gypsy got to the hotel's Cosmic Spot he was warning people about the elevators...
Ed Rom hangs the Krushenko's banner
Ed Rom hangs the Krushenko's banner
Convergence, 7/3/08

Krushenko's, for literary discussions, has been a mainstay at many Mpls conventions for decades. Eric Heideman runs the room and leads (or nudges) the sercon room in many locales. Convergence made him his own banner.
Wrong on so many levels
Coupon that came in the mail yesterday for Toppers pizza:

"Boneless wings are fly!"

Um, yeah.

Well, off to Convergence. Only one panel left, then I can play...

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