July 6th, 2008

New Tilley Hat

Old friends reconvene

for laurel and dmnsqrl
Cryo Ruggie and Claus
Cryo Ruggie and kr1mz0n_ghoti
Convergence 7/3/08

As I was carrying a copy of Rune 78 (from 1988) for a panel on Minnesota fan history, I ran into one of the contributors! Cryo Ruggie was active on BBSes, local dial-up Citadels, and his son was just getting into the on-line world.

(Note Convergence program schedule along the wall on far right. It's a four five day convention, and it's not over...)
New Tilley Hat

Making Puppets at Convergence

making puppets at Convergence
Making puppets at Convergence
July 4, 2008CE

Making sock puppets and other accessories looked like loads of fun. I don't remember which room party had this table. Most of parties in the cabana rooms around the pool blur together, which is woefully unfair.