July 9th, 2008

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Minnesota Fantasy Society

Virginia Jensen and David Emerson
Virginia Jensen and David Emerson
History of Local Twin Cities Fandom
Convergence 7/3/08

The panel History of Local Twin Cities Fandom included Virginia Jensen, dressed in her Japanese outfit. She is the daughter of Oliver Saari, one of the founders of the Minnesota Fantasy Society in 1937. She had ditto'd (maybe hecto'd) fanzines and a picture from that era (shown). Virginia claimed she had little to say. Naturally, David Emerson, Madison fan Philip Kaveny and I kept asking her questions.

I didn't know a lot about pre-MN-StF Mpls fandom, and now know more. I had copies of Runes that Jeanne Mealy and I edited... and Jeanne was there! In addition to the MFS, David and I discussed fanzines and repro methods, the founding of MN-StF, and got the Madison perspective from Philip.

The Thursday panels weren't crowded, but we had an interested audience, many of whom I didn't know. Kudos to Convergence Programming for bringing together a diverse and erudite group.