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Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Time Event
A visit from Castleclear
Castleclear in Mpls
castleclear visits Mpls, 7/9/08

castleclear left Mpls for the wilds of Colorado many years ago, but is thinking about moving back. We connected after many many years, going to see the first of the Fringe Festival previews at the Bryant-Lake Bowl and then supping at It's Greek To Me (where this picture was taken).
Borg Reflections
Dave Crowford as a Borg at Convergence
Dave Crawford as a Borg
Convergence, 7/5/08

Dave Crawford has been Borging for many years, and his outfit always draws a crowd of photographers. I put him in a corner with a mirror to get this arty shot. You can see the back of his outfit as well as the front. The lights of the hallways descend to the past, and that's me behind the flash.

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