July 22nd, 2008

New Tilley Hat

Fringe-For-All quick review

The Minnesota Fringe Festival is fast approaching. There was a Fringe-For-All early in July, which I missed, but I made the Rabbit Show dance sampler and last night's Fringe-For-All. While it's difficult to fully judge from three minute clips, out of the 30 or so bits I've seen, I've added these three to my schedule:

My War: From Bismark to Britain and Back. "WW II. True story. Bombing raids and B-24s. Rationing and shortages. Dancing and doughnuts. Through letters and diaries, a boomer discovers two remarkable women - her mother and grandmother. Step back in time."

Stories from the homefront in Britain. Very effective in the short time allowed.

Audish. "Aww-dish is the strange story of five girls who attend what seems to be an ordinary audition for an ordinary play.

"Wrong, oh so very wrong."

Lots of kids/teens at the Fringe this year, if the sampler is representative (which it probably isn't). This one was whimsical yet serious, and I have hopes for the rest of the show.

Great American Horror Movie Musical. "A criminal is at large; 7 brave filmmakers promise to hunt him down. Armed only with a camera, this kooky bunch sing and dance their way to making the greatest horror movie ever made - 80's Karaoke Style!"

Again, hard to say if they can sustain the concept through an entire hour, but the three minutes were fun.

Last year I went to some ridiculously large amount of Fringes, averaging more than three a day for the 11 day run, not counting samplers. This year, I'm going to see if I can make some rehearsal shows earlier in the week and stretch out the experience. That might be dangerous...