August 10th, 2008

New Tilley Hat

2008 Minnesota Fringe Festival Day 11

Day 11

The last day of the Minnesota Fringe started early and ended early. A B+ day, overall. I took in three shows at the Rarig, all three on recommendations and I was expecting all three to be good, and was only disappointed in one.

39 Fringe show, 17 interviews (so far), two news reports on KFAI (so far) and one podcast (so far; definitely more coming). More later.

In the meantime, the Rarig is a great place to Fringe but a lousy place to catch performers for pictures, so I didn't get any. So here are three zombie pictures:

Shakespeare's Land of the Dead
David Pisa as a zombie in Shakespeare's Land of the Dead
Fringe For All 7/21/08
(mp3 of interview with David Pisa from 2006 re 1926 Pleasant))

Shakespeare's Land of the Dead
Co-artistic Directors of the Walking Shadow Theater Company
l-r: John Heimbuch (Shakespeare), David Pisa (see above), Amy Rummenie (director)
Southern Theater after a completely different show 8/7/08

Matt Foster
Matt Foster, Communications Director for the Fringe
Technically not a zombie in the Elizabethan sense
but the Fringe staff got pretty fried near the end
Intermedia Arts, 8/9/08

10.01 Post 9.11: Laughter In The Aftermath ** 1/2

Might have been funnier in 2003

Painfully bad opening skits drag down the better material at the end. The parody of "The Raven" nearly worked, though the only really good sketch was the last one, "Terrorism's Gays" with the Rev. Graham Cracker and some flaming stereotypes. Two and a half stars rounded down for stale political references.

This came very close to being my first really bad show, but the last skit had people rolling in the aisles. Like Republicans, Fringers have a short memory and the end justified the means.

The Nosdrahchir Sisters *** 1/2

"Stop! You're running over my tail!"

Innocent waifs inhabit a quirky world and invite the audience. Kids won't get the music cues, but they'll enjoy watching the silliness. Three and a half stars rounded up for using the Arena Theater's multi-level stage.

A lot of people liked this a great deal more than I did. The two women were cute and fun to watch, like Melissa McNamara in Leaving Normal. The laughs were genuine and some of the situations worked better than others. If you see them, you'll enjoy yourselves. The kids in the audience sure did.

An Inconvenient Squirrel **** 1/2

"Too much cellulose."

Silly and unpretentious. The squirrels are what they are... except for one ugly duckling who says "I think I can!" So when Blofeld comes on with his plan to... hmm... I better not say any more. The show is consistently funny and well-paced for kids and the inner kid in most of us. Four and a half stars rounded up because it was the last of 39 Fringe shows I saw and I'm thankful to end on a strong note.


Reflections, more pictures and maybe some audio tomorrow.