August 18th, 2008

New Tilley Hat

Trivia: The Questions (Part I)

As reported before, Dennis and I were the hosts of the weekly Trivia game held at Champions Bar, across the street from where I live. This never happened in the 16 years (or so) that the bar, and we felt honored. For those of you who want to play the game (you know who you are) I'm going to print the first 10 questions (out of 20) and repeat them under the cut with the answers. The contest is over, so no prizes will be awarded. As always, no wagering.

Yes, I write in my ad libs (though not all of them...). While doing this was fun, I kept having to remind myself that we were doing a trivia game and didn't really have to come up with any sort of Ultimate Trivia or anything like that. Our goal was to make it fun for the contestants as well (and not give answers to our ((usual)) teammates.) And yes, I provided the music. The questions alternate between ones Dennis chose and ones I chose, though we talked about it and edited them down.


Welcome to Champion’s Trivia Night! I’m Baron Dave Romm, your humble but loveable announcer for the evening. Keeping score and keeping you honest is Dennis Sherwood, The Globe-Trotting Electrician. Rick is off this week, trying to find Brett Favre’s reputation. Bob is here to help us out in case we trip over the wires. Trivia is free for all Champion’s customers, and you could win $10 for third place, $25 for second place and a whopping $50 for first place. Come up and get some paper and pencils, and we’ll start the game in a few minutes.

Question 1 is in two parts.
4 pts: How many World Series did the Yankees win?
2 pts: How many did they lose?

Question 2 is worth 3 points.
What actor played the President in “Independence Day”?

Question 3 is a local sports question, as local as you can get, and is in two parts.
4 pts: Across the street from where we sit is the site of Nicollet Park, where the Wells Fargo bank is currently. From 1895-1955, Nicollet Park was home field for what minor league baseball team?
2 pts: Which player for the team in 1960 went on to have a Hall of Fame pro baseball career.

Question 4 is worth 5 points.
Who wrote “The Phantom of the Opera”? First and last name.

Question 5 is in two parts
4 pts: In the 1964 movie Kissin’ Cousins, who played the air force officer Josh Morgan? First and last name.
2 pts: In the same movie, who played his cousin, the girl chasing mountain man Jodie Tatum? First and last name:

Question 6 is worth 4 points.
How many millimeters in an inch? Must be to the tenth.

Question 7 is in two parts.
In the original run of Saturday Night Live, the shows with two guest hosts have never been aired on NBC again. For four points name one, for six points name both.

Question 8 is worth four points.
What countries border Tunisia? That’s the land borders only. You’ve got to get them all, with no extras, to get the points.

Question 9, comics and movie trivia, in two parts.
4 pts What is the last name of Batman's butler Alfred?
2 pts What is the first name of Commissioner Gordon?

Question 10 is dedicated to Rick Nelson and is worth 4 points
How many Earth years does it take for Uranus to circle the Sun? +/- 2 years.

Okay, we’re going to take a break now and be back with a scoring update.

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New Tilley Hat

Trivia: The Questions (Part II)

When we last left the Trivia game run by Dennis and me, we had finished 10 questions and had paused for a scoring update. Embarrassingly, our team, The Ship of Fools was in first place. Embarrassing for two reasons: a) though we didn't tell anyone the questions, we wanted to look above board and b) the team was doing well without us.

On the other hand, the leader had only 20 points (out of a possible 48). Tough, but fair. Onward!

Update. They’re catchable! It’s anybody’s game. Remember, we’re playing for $10 third place, $25 second place and $50 first place, and there will be a bonus question for anyone after the game.

Question 11, history and movie trivia is in two parts.
4 pts Who was the photographer that took the famous photo of the marines raising the flag in Iwo Jima? First and last name.
2 pts. Name the hill that that flag was raised on.

Question 12, a little sports trivia in case any of you follow the Vikings. In two parts.
4 pts Within 10 yards either way, how many yards did Adrian Peterson gain for the Vikings as a rookie in 2007? (1341; we’ll accept 1331-1351)
2. pts. Who was the only back to run for more yards than Adrian Peterson in 2007. (LaDanian Tomlinson)

Question 13, for 3 points.
Who discovered Penicillin? (Alexander Fleming)

Question 14, a little current affairs for you. This question is worth 4 points.
Who is the current president of Mexico?

Question 15, worth 4 points.
What comic actor was born Arthur Jefferson. First and last name.

Question 16, worth 4 points.
What continent gets the smallest amount of rainfall?

Question 17 is in two parts.
4 pts: Who was the first golfer to win all four major tournaments in the same year?
2 pts: What year was this feat accomplished?

Question 18. Ooh, we’re getting to the tough ones now. This is in two parts.
4 pts: Michael Jordan holds the record for most consecutive games scoring in double digits. Within 25, how many games is that?
2 pts: Who’s record for most consecutive games scored in double digits did he beat?

Question 19. The sex lives of politicians is always newsworthy, it seems. Here is a question in two parts.
4 pts: Which president had the most children?
2 pts: How many children did he have (that he knows about)?

Okay, we’re going to take a little break and come back with a scoring update.

Question 20. This question is worth 10 points, and you must answer it. Getting it right is worth 10 points, getting it wrong or not answering will cost your team 10 points. This is for all the marbles, the four-bagger, the 100 yard touchdown, the tiddley in the wink. Remember, we’re playing for $10 third place, $25 second place and $50 first place, and there will be a bonus question for anyone so stick around for after the game. Please don’t yell out the answer.

Michael Phelps has 147 gold medals in Olympic competition, or something like that. He holds the record for most Olympic gold medals. Four people are tied for second place with nine gold medals. For 10 points, name the two Americans who have nine gold medals. You must get both to get the points.

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Our bonus question, after much wrangling, was "How many stars are on the Chinese flag?" One of our teammates' names was drawn from the bucket, and he got it right.