August 19th, 2008

New Tilley Hat

Third 2008 Fringe Festival Podcast now up

It was a hard cookie, but I wrestled it to the ground.

The third (of three) podcasts featuring interviews from performers, staff and fringegoers is now on the Shockwave Radio Theater Podcast site.

The 2008 Fringe Festival - Winding Down:

Andrew Connor of “Boom” and “The Cody Rivers Show”
Ben Sandell of “Strawberry Fields Temporarily”
Tim Voss, Fringegoer
Cary O'Brien, Rarig House Manager
Les Kurkendaal, “Attack of the Big Angry Booty”
Robin Gillette, Executive Director of the MN Fringe

That should wind up my Fringing for a while, though I still have some pictures to post. For whatever reason, my Fringe audio files going back to 2005 are some of the most hit files on the site. People are still interested in what happened in years past. My duties as chronicler encompass many dimensions.

On to the State Fair and politics...