August 20th, 2008

New Tilley Hat

Darth Vader Head: It's Yours!

Darth Vader Head
Darth Vader Head, sheets of cardboard
Yours for the asking!

My mother, who grew up in the Depression, very rarely throws anything out, and often rescues things that other people have tossed. And sometimes sends them to me.

The Darth Vader Head is a rather nifty piece of art, probably from a kit where you cut enclosed cardboard to a specific pattern. Then keep going until all the cardboard cut-outs can stack to a recognizable figure. The DVH looks better when neatly stacked; the pieces are slightly out of alignment in this photo.

I don't want it, but in the spirit of Passing Things Along That Other People Like Better Than Me I'll offer it to anyone who is willing to pick it up (or arrange transfer at a MN-StF meeting et al). I'm not going to keep it long, and may very well toss it soon. True, Convivial is coming up...

Anyway: Yours for the asking. To help seal the deal, here's another shot that helps establish size:
pic behind the cutCollapse )