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Monday, August 25th, 2008

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New Podcast up: Family and Fun interviews
Powderhorn Park Lake
Powderhorn Park Lake
August 23, 2008CE

The series of interviews I conducted at the DFL SD61 Family and Fun Festival are now up in the Shockwave Radio Theater podcast page.

Ralph Remington, Mpls City Council Member
Hollywood Studio of Dance (the kids in the earlier entry)
Robert Lilligren, Mpls City Council Member
Mary Cann, Event Coordinator
Karen Clark, MN Senate (DFL) 61A

While the politicos were interesting (esp. Clark), the kids are the fun interview. Tweens who have spent years dancing together and compete in national contests!
Who am us anywho?
From many. I don't recall that many Anonymous posts; maybe they count all the spam I deleted, or I'm remembering the person when they forgot to log in and identified themselves in a response.

I wonder how far back this goes: All the way?

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