October 16th, 2008

New Tilley Hat

Tree pics for Peg, Convivial

trees in Alameda, CA
Trees in Alameda, CA
Sept. 8, 2008CE

At Convivial, I'm on the panel How to Take Good Nature Photos Saturday at 1pm. That reminded me how far behind I am in naming the pictures from the last month or so, much less making galleries. When I was in San Francisco right after the RNC, I stayed with two uncles, one of whom lives in Alameda. I explored a little, finding a small park a few blocks from where he lived.

The trees in the city next to the bay, growing in a different climate than in Minnesota, reminded me of pegkerr's fondness for strong trees. So I took a couple of pictures. Maybe I'll include the gazebo pics in the panel. I hope this is what cowfan has in mind for the panel. I'm building a CD with some of my favorite "nature" shots that I hope can be used to enlighten or merely delight.

Thoughts, photographic or otherwise, are welcome.

Another, for Peg and the con:

Trees in Alameda, CA
Trees in Alameda, CA
Sept. 9, 2008 CE