October 19th, 2008

New Tilley Hat

Convivial Day 2

Tim, Marissa, Beth
timprov, mrissa, carbonel
Convivial consuite, 10/18/08

A small convention makes for intimate settings. The hotel had kindly remodeled since 4th St./Applecon/Marscon, and the couch area worked very well for converstions. iraunwink and pameladean in the background. Sorry for the brightness of Outside (tm). Perhaps I should have brought the subject up at the next panel.

dd-b, Geof, Ctein
soarhead holds court during our panel on nature photography.
dd_b on the left, Ctein on the right, one of my penguin pictures on the tv
Convivial, 10/18/08.

cowfan on the Nature Walk immediately after the panel, above
Learning by doing. Here, I put her in the picture to provide scale to the tree.
Convivial (or just outside the hotel in Bloomington), 10/18/08

Corwin and Miklos
mplscorwin and son Miklos
Divers Brusts enhanced Convivial, 10/18/08