October 23rd, 2008

New Tilley Hat

Kaustin photos, by request

A long time ago, I scanned in a bunch of older photos, then made the mistake of mentioning them to Kevin with vague promises of Doing Something With Them. I still should make galleries, though I have far fewer shots on film than using digital. In the meantime, Kevin, here is the photo I've been talking about and a bonus pic from a little later.

Kevin Austin at Consensus in 1988
kaustin at Consensus, the Fallcon in 1988
Peter Toluzzi and Julie in background
before a Shockwave Radio Live Stage Show

Kevin Austin at 1990 Fallcon
kaustin at 1990 Fallcon
Todd McInroy making chainmail
Mark Mendel leaning on timeline
MN-StF timeline was a fill-in project by dreamshark
New Tilley Hat

You know it's bad for Palin...

You know it's bad when the Russians are mocking you. My first ever YouTube embed!

Via RustBeltDemocrats's DailyKos Diary. The comments sections piles on with this short MoveOn.org spot:

Yes, this is an historic election. And for the first time in a long time, an optimistic one.