October 30th, 2008

New Tilley Hat

Joe the Plumber could only speak at an Obama rally

I was reading, over on Daily Kos, how Joe the Plumber stood up John McCain. At a rally, McCain asked him to stand up, but he wasn't there. Indeed, 2/3 of the crowd were bussed in to inflate McCain's puny numbers. But not Joe.

For a couple of weeks, something has been bothering me about the whole story. Not that Joe (who isn't named Joe) the Plumber (who isn't licensed to be a plumber) would have his taxes raised (he owes back taxes). But that he had to raise these issues at an Obama rally.

Bush is a coward, and hasn't spoken to an unvetted person in years. When he was running for president, both times, he established "free speech zones" so that real people couldn't ask him questions or boo in the wrong places for tv.

McCain, for many years doing really well with "Town Hall" meetings, has abandoned the format he practically invented. It's very hard for an average Joe to ask him a non-talking point question. McCain is adopting W's campaign tactics as well as his politics. He has fallen so far.

Joe the Plumber had to go to Obama for answers. Which he got. Obama spent several minutes talking to him.

Joe is entitled to his opinion about the candidates, but it's clear, again, that Barack Obama listens and it's clear Barack Obama knows his stuff.

Tonight, I'll be at the Clinton/Franken rally at the Mpls Convention Center. It'll be raucus, but fun. I hope to take pictures and do some interviews. It would be nice if I could talk to the candidates and/or Bill Clinton, but I'm not holding out for that honor.
New Tilley Hat

The Sphincter Election of 2004

Hmm... some sort of phraseology is being passed around with a request to post it on your LJ. I'd rather simply quote myself, from my essay on the Sphincter Election of 2004, where conservatives voted out of fear of attack, and other butt-clenching concerns:
People voted their own sphincters, and they voted against the sphincters of others. Once again, the extreme right is more concerned about other people's sex lives than they are about values like love and commitment. Personally, I approve of committed monogamous relationships between people who love each other. But to give the devil his due, the evangelicals have made their point. We should define marriage just like it's defined in the Bible: Arranged marriages to multiple partners with concubines on the side.

The aftermath of the Sphincter Election has left me with one marriage option: Before the next terror attack, I have to find a woman with a large dowry.