December 3rd, 2008

New Tilley Hat

Techie problem update and Prop 8 -- The Musical

Eudora shall rise again, dammit. I turn off my computer so rarely that I forget the problems. Sometimes -- not all the time -- when the computer is off for a long time (such as the four days for my trip to DC), one of the Volumes doesn't reappear. All the drives come on, but I should have nine volumes and I only have eight. I haven't been able to find the other one to remount it, and I've tried everything I could think of: Restarting the computer, turning off the external drives and turning them back on, using Disk Utility and TechTool to try to remount.


Meanwhile, I have to share this. To quote from's War Room:
This video, a star-studded cast performing a musical about California's Proposition 8, is really pretty funny -- and a good take on the whole situation. And while clearly people like Jack Black and John C. Reilly are the biggest names in the video, I happen to think the Neil Patrick Harris appearance is the perfect touch.
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