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Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

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Boots on the ground
The party was fun, but the In Box is full and Obama is off to a fast start.

Obama halts all regulations pending review, Obama Seeks Halt to Legal Proceedings at Guantanamo and several Cabinet members were confirmed. Track Obama's Cabinet Nominees

Ah, it's nice to have adults in charge again.

In diaper news: Former Sen. Norm Coleman is crying like a baby, and has completely flip-flopped on his position about discarded ballots. He now wants to count ballots he insisted shouldn't be. MN-Sen: Coleman Still Grasping At Straws (brownsox DailyKos diary).

How come Coleman was ahead by several hundred votes, yet when the ballots were counted more closely and under scrutiny, Franken led by 255? Why were the counts off in the first place, and why does it seem that all such recounts show the Republican had more votes than they deserved?

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