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Saturday, February 7th, 2009

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West Antarctic ice sheet collapse even more catastrophic for U.S. coasts
West Antarctic ice sheet collapse even more catastrophic for U.S. coasts
from my brother's blog, ClimateProgress.org

click on picture to enlarge

A new study in Science finds that sea level rise from a collapse of the WAIS would likely be 25% higher for North America than previously estimated.

Read the whole entry for the news, which gives us the options of devastatingly bad and even worse.

So just to place this in perspective: Of the people who are studying global warming, the great consensus is that the Earth is warming and human activity in the last 100+ years is accelerating the warming at trends that may not be reversible unless we act NOW. A small minority disagree with some (but not all) of the findings. A much larger, and growing, number of scientists says that the problem is far worse than the consensus.
Random songs as my life story
There I was, explaining to freeimprov that my iTunes doesn't have a Shuffle playlist, but a Party Shuffle playlist (with songs I've marked with four or five stars, with some random) and was going to poo poo the virus, but the results are interesting. So.

The Movie Soundtrack rules, modified because I'm the Director producing my Autobiography, dammit
1. Open iTunes
2. Put it on Party Shuffle
3. Look at the list, starting with the next song that would be played and continuing until you fill out the movie proposal
4. Submit your soundtrack
6. Be honest, it's your life.

Soundtrack to 'The Baron Dave Story'Collapse )

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