February 20th, 2009

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The Moscow Connection: Dr. Zhivago and Get Smart

This keeps happening to me. Two otherwise unrelated movies happen to come together in my Netflix queue that have some major relationship. In this case, both these have long segments that take place in Moscow. Nearly a century apart, cinema time, but hey. Might as well stop and do a quick review.
Spoilers for Dr. Zhivago and Get SmartCollapse )
While it's ridiculous to directly compare the two movies, I must say that I enjoyed Get Smart much better, especially the second time through where I could see how carefully they set up all the bits of business later in the film. It's very tightly written. Dr. Zhivago is more linear than the book, but wanders all over the place and I never really felt for any of the characters. Indeed, I felt I understood the two major bad guys more than any of the good guys.

Oh well.