March 12th, 2009

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Marscon 2009: Saturday, Part II

continuing from Saturday, Part I

A break in the concerts I wanted to see! I gave MC Lars two songs. Not a font in my CSS. Time to see what's happening in the Consuite.

Hermione and mom Hermione and mom

Naomi Kritzer and daughter, Marscon Constuite 3/7/09

As mentioned in the previous segment, Marscon isn't Child Care but is rather kid friendly. naomikritzer's daughter was having scads of fun dressed up as her favorite Harry Potter character.

Wally Pleasant and Alisa Dyer Wally Pleasant and Alisa Dyer

Wally Pleasant is backed by wife Alisa Dyer, Marscon 3/7/09

Music Guest of Honor Wally Pleasant brought along his wife and a keyboardist (who I didn't get a good picture of). I've never seen him in concert before, though I have all his CDs, and this was a treat. He played several favorites, had a dash of banter with the audience, and in general gave a performance worthy of a 20 year career. I think the Marscon crowd surprised him a little; the room wasn't packed (attendance overall was down, I think, and no one had SRO) but we were quite enthusiastic.
a cut to spare those who don't like too many pictures in one post: Cthulu peeps, Mike from last year, Insane Ian and Chris Mezzolesta, Gifted Gear and Mom, neofen, Joe SwensonCollapse )
So I finally left Marscon after midnight. Early for a Saturday night, even for me, but the time change was imminent and I wanted to catch some programming on Sunday. Alas, I didn't make that... but that's reserved for the final installment of the conreport.

continued on Marscon 2009: Sunday