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Friday, March 20th, 2009

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The Cody Rivers Show
Baron Dave and The Cody Rivers Show Baron Dave and The Cody Rivers Show

Mike Mathieu, Baron Dave Romm and Andrew Connor, Patrick's Cabaret after their performance March 19, 2009

The Cody Rivers Show has come to town for a brief time. One of my favorite shows from the past two Fringes is playing at Patrick's Cabaret (a former fire station at Lake and Minnehaha) tonight (Friday) and tomorrow at 8. Highly recommended.

Somewhere between Monty Python and George Balanchine, their act isn't so much written as choreographed. Funny to listen to, hysterical to listen and watch.

We cover this and other grounds in my interview after their first show Thursday 3/19/09.

Baron Dave interviews Mike Mathieu and Andrew Connor of The Cody Rivers Show (mp3, 15:26).

They will be heading to Chicago next, then points East in Ohio and beyond, and will be on the road until June. Recommended!

The people who came to see the show were a show unto themselves, and Patrick's Cabaret has transcended its Fire Station origins to channel German Expressionism. This is a real fire door.

Richard Tatge and Sharon Kahn Richard Tatge and dreamshark

Odd door, odd lighting. After Cody Rivers Show, Patrick's Cabaret 3/19/09.

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