April 7th, 2009

New Tilley Hat

Al "Landslide" Franken wins again!

As we knew from last week's ruling, Al Franken has won the 2008 Minnesota Senate Race. Despite what you might hear from the conservative news media (such as the increasingly irrelevant Star Tribune), Franken is was not "ahead" and didn't merely extend his lead or expand his lead today, he was certified the winner of the state-mandated recount in January and today's ruling effective ends the "counting" part of the election. All that's left is wrangling over a small number of potential (and only potential) misinterpretations, the number of which is smaller than Franken's current total.

Gov. Pawlenty (who's refusal to sign the election certificate has cost Minnesota taxpayers money for the recount and political clout in Washington while trillions of dollars were being spent) and Coleman (the joke of a politician who has no shame) are vying with Michele Bashman for biggest Minnesota laughingstock. They will throw "trial lawyers" at the situation. Funny how Republicans hate trial lawyers except when they don't...

Franken's lead over Coleman this morning: 255.

Franken's lead this afternoon when disputed ballots were added to the mix: 312.

The surge worked!