April 13th, 2009

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MN-StF President Assassination -- Death by Unforgivable Curse

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To help raise money for accessiblehouse as well as continue the tradition at Closing Ceremonies, the method of Assassination of the MN-StF President was auctioned off. First, here in LiveJournal, where micheinnz had the high bid online. Ah, but at Closing Ceremonies, she was outbid by Time Being. Further, TB acquired Minions and a Henchwoman, all contributing to the charity to take part in this historic occasion.

The high bid in, the winner and the minions held a brief conference with the victim. Then...

Death by Unforgivable Curse Death by Unforgivable Curse

Frank Dyson, winner of the auction for accessiblehouse, prepares to assassinate the MN-StF President with Death by Unforgivable Curse. Minicon 4/12/09

Death by Unforgivable Curse. Oooh. President lydy was in for it now!

Minions hurl their curses Minions hurl their curses

erica_j_stark hurls a curse while Alec waits his turn. Minicon 4/12/09

The Unforgivable Curses:
aedifica: "May the odors of a thousand unchanged litterboxes hang about your head."
erica_j_stark: "May termites infest your library."
Alec Phillips: "May your shoelaces always untie themselves."

The coup de grace:

Avada Kedavra Avada Kedavra

Frank casts the fatal spell. Minicon 4/12/09

And with that, lydy was President no more. Stepping into the power vacuum was new president kalikanzara.

Thanks to all who participated, and especially those who donated to the greater cause. Including micheinnz's donation, we raised $75 for accessiblehouse.

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