April 24th, 2009

New Tilley Hat

Hidden Minneapolis: River Falls, WI edition pt 2

Part I here

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Hand mural Hand mural
In an alley half a block from Main Street is this mural, which no other explanation. I like the concept, the odd hands away from the group at the top, and the pink feet at bottom right. River Falls, 4/22/09
Downtown Sculpture Downtown Sculpture
The other side of the riverwalk, facing Main Street, with some memorial bricks at the base. River Falls, WI 4/22/09
Brickhouse Music guitar selection Brickhouse Music guitar selection
Every town of 10,000 should have a good music store. Here, one of the clerks at Brickhouse Music poses in front of the electric guitars. The acoustic selection is in another room. River Falls, WI 4/22/09
River Falls Rainbow River Falls Rainbow
Walking around, the weather was great. Rain barely marred the day, and then ended with a gorgeous rainbow. I couldn't capture the whole arc, and pushed this a bit in Photoshop, but you get the idea. River Falls, WI 4/22/09