May 6th, 2009

New Tilley Hat

Checking on settings

I've managed to import everything from LJ to Dreamwidth. Now, to see if I can crosspost. If you're reading this on LJ, it succeeded. To my pleasure, my LJ scrapbook photos imported, and most of my pictures are stashed on my site, so for the nonce everything seems to work.

Still not all that convinced DW is more than LJ Lite, but what the heck.

Edited to add Okay, try #3. If this works, thank [info]aedifica.
New Tilley Hat

Joe on Letterman (maybe)

From my brother Joe's blog, I may be on the David Letterman show tonight:
No, I won’t be talking to Dave. Alas.

A segment called “Andy Kindler Talks to Climate Change experts” is scheduled to air tonight.

Now, I’m told “there is always a small chance that the piece could get edited out between tape and air, but for now it’s in.”

Plus, none of the people involved have seen the final cut so they don’t know if I’m in or out. I hope to know before air time.

If I’m in, it is probably some rather silly stuff, which I’ll comment on after I see what they do.

Be sure to watch! Even if I’m not in, the segment should be fun and funny.
Break out the VCR, TIVO and DVRs.