May 16th, 2009

New Tilley Hat

Saturday Morning Quiz Stomping

"Don't laugh, you'll only encourage him," said Wendy Lindboe, one of my college sf club friends. Little did she know.

Over on Facebook, I've been clogging the news feed taking a lot of quizzes. Here they are in a bunch. Not in order, but you don't care.

Baron Dave Romm...

... took the quiz "Which 60s TV Show Should JJ Abrams Reinvent Next?" with the result being Mr. Ed. [I'd pay to see that]

... took the Quiz "If A Tree Falls In A Forest" but wasn't around to hear the results.

... just got his Bob name in "Get your own Bob name." It's Bob.

... scored one point in the challenge "Name the Artist Formerly Known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince's Current Name".

... took the challenge "Mac vs. PC" and just laughed.

... took the quiz, "Which Global Warming Denier Are You?" with the result being Are you nuts?

... took the quiz, "When You Were An Infant, Which Of Your Mother's Breasts Did You Enjoy Suckling From The Most?" with the result: Left. [a Mother's Day entry]

... took the challenge, "What Kind Of Non-Sequitur Are You?" and determined that he likes cats.

... took the quiz, "What Number Falls Between 1 and 3?" with the result: 65.7. Hmmm.....

... took the quiz, "Can You Keep A Secret?" with the result: Yes, heh heh heh.

... is looking for the bucket, detergent and dirty water in Mop Wars.

... took the "What Do You Smell Like To Your Dog?" Quiz, with the canine result being Can Opener.

... took the challenge "How Many Places of Pi Can You Recite Before You Break Down and Brag About It?" and got to eight ("coffee").

... took the quiz "Which Enterprise Shuttlecraft Are You?" with the result being Bacon.

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New Tilley Hat

MN-StF at May Day pt 1

Click on picture for larger picture

Sorry these are late in coming. I posted a bunch of May Day Parade/Festival pics on Facebook here and here, and then has a crisis of conscience: A good picture of Fiona contained a lousy shot of Delia. I eventually learned a new Photoshop tool and simply took the bad parts out. Other pics less severely edited. I love living in the future.more behind the cutCollapse )
Martin at May Day Festival Martin at May Day Festival

mgs approaching MN-StF picnic area, after May Day Parade 5/3/09
Fiona drawing a Tarot card Fiona drawing a Tarot card

Fiona accepts the offer from dreamshark to draw from the Morgan's Tarot Deck. MN-StF picnic during the May Day Festival, Powderhorn Park 5/3/09

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