June 16th, 2009

New Tilley Hat

AKICIF: Anyone know a good body shop?

Annoyingly, the insurance company says that to fix the damage to my car is worth more than the car, hence they want to a) take the car and junk it, b) give me the value of the car post-accident or c) hmm... I forget. I just can't imagine that a dent means the car is a total loss.

picture of dent

But the estimate for repair seems awfully high. Anyone know a good body shop in the Twin Cities? I would take the money, option b, and go there.

Need to know by tomorrow, since that's when the rental car needs to be back.
New Tilley Hat

Three years on Kingdom of Loathing

Blame ericcoleman In an offhand post, he mentioned a pun-filled turn-based RPG called Kingdom of Loathing. I really dislike shoot-em ups or any game that requires a joystick (or even where one is recommended). Even World of Warcraft and the like is just not my style. But KoL can be played on many levels, so I did. Starting June 15, 2006, I embarked on Adventure. The game had been online for a couple of years and there were already very powerful players and a whole subculture. I dipped my toes in, then the foot, and am now soaking wet.
possibly boring history of three years of gamingCollapse )
Well, that was less interesting than planned. Such is gaming.