July 14th, 2009

New Tilley Hat

Jacket returned!

My new fall/spring jacket was returned!

The police had it.

I left it at the June 9th Lyndale Neighborhood Crime & Drug Committee meeting. Instead of leaving it (I called the place later), the chair took it... and promptly went on vacation. She brought it back at tonight's meeting. I'm glad I went; almost didn't. And she has my name/#/e-mail, too.

That means all three Bad Events in my week and a half of disasters have turned out not to be so bad: My jacket was returned before I vowed revenge on the place I might have left it. My car was declared salvage but I got a fair amount of money from the insurance company. The root canal was annoying but not terribly painful, and the tooth is doing just fine.

Hmm... maybe my sneakers will turn up from the New Year's Party...