July 18th, 2009

New Tilley Hat

Saturday Morning Quiz Stomping

It's been a while, here are the various quizzes, challenges and other bits of anarchy from over on Facebook.

Baron Dave Romm...

... took the challenge, "What's The First Thing You Know?" with the result "'Ol Jed's a millionaire."

... Five reasons why The Theory of Gravity shouldn't be taught in public schools: It's a downer. It's just a theory. The Soviet Union believed in gravity. Have you ever SEEN a gravity? I've just published a textbook that tiptoes around the subject and really want to sell a lot of them.

... wonders about cockroach heaven. It must be really crowded.

... scored exactly zero in Ms. Dada! [an old Shockwave joke]

... responded to "How Well Do You Know Yourself" and scored 30%. Better than usual.

... took the challenge "Limbo Lower Now" with the result being "Bad Back".

... took the "Literal Rorschach Test Quiz" and the answer is "Blot".

... reveals at last the set of prophecies that foretold, with uncanny accuracy, Nostradamus, The Last Supper and the death of Captain America. It's all there in... The Bigfoot Codex.

... five unanswered questions about Rapunzel: Why did the candlemaker and his wife gave up their long-sought-after child just like that and never complained to the authorities? Did Rapunzel realize that she smelled like urine and sweat after years of staying in a tower without running water? What was a prince doing looking for a wife by wandering alone through the woods? How did the prince survive in the woods while blind? Why did the king agree to the marriage between his heir and a foul-smelling girl with no dowry?

... took the quiz "Which Frank Cady tv Character Are You?" with the answer: Mr. Drucker.

... took the quiz "Which is the Best Foot to Put Forward?" with the answer "Right".

... took the challenge "Which Three Books That You've Never Read Have Been The Most Influential In Your Life?" with the results being "Ulysses", "Machiavelli's The Prince" and "Good Grief, Charlie Brown." [oddly enough, this could be a real thread]

.... took the challenge, "Should Bret Favre Join the Vikings?" with the result being: No, he should coach the Timberwolves.

... took the quiz, "Which Ship That Helen's Face Launched Are You?" with the result being Ship #672.

... took the quiz, "Which Part Of The Body Would You Rather Gestate In?" with the result being "Womb".

... took the quiz "Which character from the one-man play 'Mark Twain Tonight' would you be?" with the answer Mark Twain.

... notes the hot rumors that the Academy Awards are expanding the Best Picture category to 10 nominations (true), Twitter is expanding its character limit to 2800 (not true) and that nude hiking on the Appalachian Trail is better exercise than a roll in South American hay (jury still out).

... ponders the snarky comment: Michael Jackson isn't dead, he's just in Argentina.

... took the quiz "How Well Do You Know Ray Jay Johnson?" with the result being "Don't Get Me Started." [how soon they forget... vaudeville is really dead...]

... took the quiz "What's All This Then?" with the result "'Allo, 'Allo".

... took the quiz "How Many US Senators Does Minnesota Have?" with the answer, "One... no, wait!..." [the day Franken was sworn in]

... took the challenge, "Which of Michael Jackson's Faces Are You?" with the result being "After plastic surgery #212".

... took the "What planet are you from, REALLY?" quiz and got the result: You are from Earth.

... notes: Those on the East Coast have under an hour to get ready for 12:34:56 7/8/9. We here in Central are scurrying to prepare. Over on PDT, they're still dealing with Michael Jackson's memorial.

... took the challenge, "Which Lucky Charms charm are you?" with the result being "Yellow Moon".

... took the "What You Talkin' 'Bout Willis?" quiz and got the result, "Talkin' 'bout my generation."

... just completed the quiz "Would You Come In Out Of The Rain?" with the result that he is quite wet.

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