July 30th, 2009

New Tilley Hat

Ootiefest Pictures and Interviews, Thursday Fringe Schedule

The 2009 Minnesota Fringe Festival is off and running. Last night was the Out of Towners Showcase, aka the Ootiefest. I saw many of my favorite people, and met some new ones. My 2009 Fringe Festival Gallery over on Facebook will be added to over time, but let me expound on three of them here.

Andy Gricevich, Andy Gricevich,

Andy is part of the Nonsense Company, and also part of the Prince Myshkins. I caught up with him at the Ootiefest and did an interview.
The Nonsense Company did Great Hymn of Thanksgiving/Conversation Storm a few Fringes ago, one of my favorites. They are always a Must See for me at the Fringe. This year, they're in a small space, a classroom holding 30 people (where Calculus, the Musical was).

I interviewed a very tired Andy Gricevich (mp3, 5:40) just before the Ootiefest got underway.

Sigal Shoham, Sigal Shoham,

Sigal is at her first Fringe, a late addition, from San Francisco.
So there was this woman in the corner playing banjo. While waiting for Andy to come back with some food, I introduced myself. Later, she sought me out. As the last addition (maybe) to the Fringe, Sigal is a bit worried about publicity and general Fringe matters. She's a motivational speaker herself (among other things) and wanted to do a show that poked fun at infomercials and modern day medicine shows.

Sigal Shoham (mp3, 3:32)

Stephen Swanson of Stephen Swanson of

Stephen sings an excellent version of "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda" during the Ootiefest. His playlist is on the Fringe website. Bedlam Theatre, 7/29/09

Stephen's song propelled "Songs of War" into my Must See Category.

Tonight, unless plans go awry, four shows at the Augsberg's two theaters:

5:30, Mainstage: The man who turned into a dog/Poet in New York
7:00, Studio: Dream Time Down Under
8:30, Studio: Parry Hotter and the Half-Drunk Twins
10:00, Studio: The Twisted Grin-Assorted Tales to Amuse and Alarm