October 3rd, 2009

New Tilley Hat

Nazi = Coward :: American = Love and Cookies

I took too long to find a parking space and missed the nazis. By reports, there were four of them, who showed up early, looked around at the large crowd and piled into one car and fled the scene. The Anti-Nazi Rally took place anyway. Here are some pictures. click on picture for larger picture More (but smaller) pics on Facebook.

Love and Cookies Love and Cookies

Some Americans at the anti-nazi rally brought signs and cookies to share. Hand-drawn sign says "Love not Hate". Mpls 10/3/09
Victor, one of the ad hoc organizers Victor, one of the ad hoc organizers

No one was actually in charge, to my knowledge, but some people were more involved in the organizing and crowd control. Victor (iirc), wearing his "death before dishonor" biker's jacket, helped move the crowd along. Note police cars blocking the street behind the Y. Mpls 10/3/09
Perhaps 100 to 1 Perhaps 100 to 1

Four nazis showed up and slunk away in one car before the announced time. Meanwhile, a crowd of perhaps 400 (and more who showed up later) were on hand to protest. Mpls 10/3/09
Sign Sign

After the non-event, at the rally at Lake and 22nd. Mpls 10/3/09
After the nazis left, a rally After the nazis left, a rally

Many people had left, by this time, and more were milling about, but the police unblocked 31st and were just cruising. Speakers, with megaphones and/or amps, were on the corner of 22nd and Lake. Mpls 10/3/09