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Thursday, November 5th, 2009

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NaLiWriMo Day Five: Dirty Limericks, Strange Intercourse
Excerpted from The Limerick: 1700 Examples with Notes, Variants and Index. The Famous Paris Edition, Complete and unexpurgated

To inspire and cajole during National Limerick Writing Month, I turn to a book which I literally found on the steps of the Bozo Bus Bldg nearly 30 years ago. Chock full of dirty limericks, it has barely survived several moves and is falling apart. I present a few of them here, from the chapter "Strange Intercourse", behind a cut because I must protect innocent eyes (yes, you).
'ware dirty limericksCollapse )
Okay, enough for today. Maybe more later during NaLiWriMo. No promises.

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