Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Is a Permanent Account worth it?

I have a few days to decide, so I'll ask LJ Assembled: is it worth getting a Permanent Account.

Do you like the benefits?

Heck, at the moment I don't even have a Paid Account. A Perm is almost nine years of LJ, at current prices. Nine years ago I was on Usenet and just starting irc. Will LJ be around in nine years... or longer? Will they get rid of Free Accounts like mine, already grandfathered in? Will Lj be bought be someone who won't honor the Perm?

What do you get for your bucks? I don't care about userpics. Different styles don't do much for me. Being able to do polls is moderately tempting, and Friends of Friends listings are similarly tempting but still basically a toy.

I have hundreds of entries, and a lot of time invested. The pictures are all on my site, so I wouldn't lose any data, just all my apazines. But they're around, somewhere on the net.

So... sell me on a Permanent Account. Or convince me otherwise.

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