January 2nd, 2010

New Tilley Hat

Have flat, will travel

For the second time in less than two weeks, I had a flat tire. But this time, I knew better than to trust Midas, so only had to get it repaired... late at night on New Years Day.

After nice New Years/Borderlands CD Release parties, I slept in late. I got Johanna and and we went to the Hair of the Dog party in the afternoon. Had a great time, and met wema_way and partook of the bounty of Larry's remodeled kitchen (see photo gallery). Despite me being the driver, she was tired and we left early. This turned out to be a wise decision.

Not too far from Larry's house, the car didn't sound right. I had a flat the previous week, and brought it into Midas (the closest place to the flat). This was a bad idea, for reasons explained elsewhere. They eventually had to reinflate all the tires. The Midas guy warned me about the right front tire, saying it might have a slow leak and I should check back in a week or so. 27 hours later, I pulled into The Wedge parking lot just to check. I didn't want to drive Johanna back to Crystal on an iffy tire, and didn't want to take Midas' word for how long it would last. Yup, it was deflated.

With the tire not completely flat, I went a block away to the SuperAmerica. It was nearly 6pm on New Years Day. Not many places are open that late anyway, and the holiday complicated matters. To make a long story short, Bobby and Steve's Auto World (on Washington and 35W) was open until 8. After warning that it might be 45 minutes or more, someone pulled up in about ten minutes to put on the spare tire. He followed us across town to the shop.

Last flat, I needed a new tire. This time, it was simply repaired. Four of my five flat tires (in 45.000 miles of driving) have been in sub-zero temperature. Coincidence?

They fixed the tire. I rang the bell. Drove Johanna home. Drove me home. Took a nap. Rebooted the computer, which was acting strangely (YMMX?) Posted images to Facebook.

Added images of New Years events to end of Facebook gallery.