February 10th, 2010

New Tilley Hat

Old Mac Stuff for cheap

Well, they were fun at the time.

I'm finally getting rid of a whole bunch of stuff, from a Mac Classic (which works, last time I tried it). Various software from the mid-90s (some still in the shrinkwrap) such as Director 4.0, Dramatica Pro, Sound Edit 16, Sim games, etc. A lot of floppy disks (you remember the hard 3 1/2" ones) and other stuff that probably won't work on any computer made in the last five (or ten) years.

I have a couple of more recent printers that don't work, but at least one of them still could be used as a scanner. Plus a bunch of ink cartridges. Dunno if I have to recycle printers, but I'll take out the half-used cartridges and sell/donate the new ones.

Operators are standing by. I might be heading toward the Salvation Army as early as this afternoon. So let me know asap.

This offer is mainly for locals: Pick them up (or I'll drop them off). Buy me lunch sometime, or at least coffee...