June 22nd, 2010

New Tilley Hat

Yum! A Food Collection for Tua

My brother Joe is turning 50 this week. To commemorate the event, his wife Patty put on a surprise birthday bash, which came off spectacularly well. But it was a surprise, so I couldn't post this in the (unlikely) event it would get back to him.

My present to Joe will be a video of the event, which will be forthcoming. Probably in two formats: A shorter public YouTube and a longer DVD. Plus pictures. I'm about half-way done editing and uploading Joe's 50th Facebook public gallery; possibly done by the time you read this.

For Antonia, not-quite-outgrown her "Tua" phase now that she's three and a half, I made a compilation CD with her and my picture on it. Food songs:


Bananas Tom Paxton 3:32
I'm A Little Cookie Claudia Schmidt 2:58
Red-Heated Swede (The Skal Club Spelmanslag) The Skal Club Spelmanslag 3:26
I Love Rocky Road Wierd Al Yankovic 2:36
Jambalaya The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band 3:26
Coconuts Debbi Friedlander 2:56
In An Elephant World Tom Chapin 2:54
Hold Tight Andrews Sisters 3:14
Sweet Potato Bill Staines 3:09
Pancake Man Catfish Hodge 2:41
Cake For Breakfast Greg Lee3:07
Broccoli & Chocolate Scooter 3:52
On Top Of Spaghetti Willio & Phillio 1:33
Italian Food Power Salad 2:05
Vitamin Si Tom Chapin 2:54
I Feel Good Michael Mish 2:25
Cakes And Ale Silly Sisters 1:58
Indiancorn Cab City Combo 1:57
Have A Snack Barney 1:34
Peanut Butter Pie Tom Paxton 2:19
Peanut Butter Royal Guardsmen 2:06
Crunchy Granola Suite Neil Diamond 2:58
The Super Supper March Dr. Seuss 1:17
Bowl of Fruit Catfish Hodge 4:02
It's Gonna Be Dinner Soon Tom Chapin 3:42
Be Our Guest Disney 3:47
Green Peas Joe Scruggs 2:46
Raindrops & Lemon Drops Joe Scruggs 2:27

Only a few duplicates from other kids' CDs.