August 10th, 2010

New Tilley Hat

2010 Fringe Festival Day 5: Relaxed and fringy

Continued from Day 4: A solid day in unexpected ways.
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Flowers two blocks from the Rarig
at Riverside. 8/9/10

The temperature was in the 90s, outside, anyway, and we were still recovering from seeing 15 fringes in three days (19 in four for me). We'd seen many of the more anticipated shows, so I decided to slide down with three performances that had peaked my interest. It was good.

That Sara Aziz


60s Encounter Group

That Sara Aziz
The director of "That Sara Aziz" promoting show
to people online at the Rarig 8/9/10

The title character never appears, but gossip about her sparks an identity crisis among four Pakistani Muslim women in New York during the 1990s. Islamic women are going through the exact same emotional wrangling as their sisters from earlier times. Change a few words and cultural background and That Sara Aziz could have been a 60s encounter group. We would now call Sara Aziz a cougar. The entire play takes place on the telephone, for some reason, and is only forty minutes long. The first ten minutes set up the characters, and the last ten minutes seemed tacked on which didn't leave much time for the meat of the discussion. I appreciated what was presented, but the topic deserves greater range.

I was looking forward to this show. Alas, like much that passes for "feminism", it really felt more like mild catharsis than an empathetic reaching out for understanding. The different views of Muslim women were better explained in the program. I've seen this show before. A better take on sexual liberation, from a male Catholic point of view, was Dancing Nude.

Mike and Matt


Stop Playing Air Sitar

Mike and Matt Sotis… er, Fotis… each tell a story about embarrassing yet important incidents in their lives. Matt's story, about his wife having his first child, is tender and very funny. Mike's story, about hitting a deer while returning to Minneapolis, is in the same style as his one person shows of yore: He sits behind a table and reads emotionally (though no bass). The brothers are each amusing in their own way.

Sure, Mike Fotis is popular with a certain segment of the Fringe, and rightly so, but this would have been better served back at the Theatre Garage; the cavernous Rarig Thrust was wasted.

Deviates from the Master Plan/Apprentice & Sorcerer Trip on the Light Fantastick


Whimsey Without Words

Two plays, much imagination. The first, about a mermaid who wants bottled water, is done without words. Well, a few gutturals. The second play has words, but not in English. It's about… well, I'm not entirely sure. Something about magic that doesn't work as expected. Neither are kids shows, but both are well acted and draw you into the story. The Xperimental Theater is used well.

The title should have been "Shoes for Industry/Shoes for the Dead".

Dolly and Dave
Dolly and Dave
Paul Brekke as Dolly of KRAP - FM: The Adventures of a Radio Station Receptionist
and your humble but tired correspondant
outside the Rarig.
Even at 9:30pm. it was almost 90. 8/9/10

Continued on Day 6: A great hump day.