August 17th, 2010

New Tilley Hat

2010 Fringe Festival Day 11: One last show

Continued from Day 10: Bating Clean-Up. Sunday, the last day of the Minnesota Fringe Festival, is usually a light day for me. As a reporter, my reviews, pictures and interviews can't affect any later shows. As a patron, I'm generally tired and go to one or two that just never fit in the schedule. In this case, the Mill City Clinic is a downtown hospital a block away from the Guthrie. The performance filled the hour, so getting to the next show would be tricky. It worked well as a stand-alone.

Bathroom of the Mill City Clinic
Bathroom at the Mill City Clinic, Mpls 8/15/10
note raised basin and punks on top of the towel dispenser.

You Are Not Paris

Corwin and Fiona
Corwin and Fiona at the Mill City Clinic before the final show 8/15/10
They had several High School friends performing, and saw the show twice.

xxxx three and a half stars rounded up for ensemble acting

"Do not touch the science"

You Are Not Paris is a nicely presented High School play. Slow and deliberate, the well-rehearsed ensemble cast retains their individuality while bouncing off each other. The show is a series of skits detailing medical conditions (such as synesthesia) where all the scientists slip effortlessly into and out of the condition at hand. The interaction with the video(s) is fun to watch. Three and a half stars rounded up for good ensemble acting.

My last show of the Fringe! 49! I saw fringes in 18 of the 19 venues. Now, to work on the videos…

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