August 27th, 2010

New Tilley Hat

My Day At The Fair: Aug. 26, 2010

Full image gallery of my visit to The 2010 Minnesota State Fair on Facebook. I'm going to be lazy and simply link to public images rather than re-cropping them for LJ.

I like to go to the Minnesota State Fair on the first day. The pitches aren't tired and Early Bird Specials abound. The crowd is usually manageable. Besides, if the weather's bad I can go another day. Fortunately, the day was gorgeous. Today (the second day of the fair) is much hotter. The downside: Some of the things that take a while to develop, like the butter heads, are in a nascent state. Overall, I'm pleased with the timing. And I'll be back next week for Weird Al.

I got off to a late start, but made it to the Fair before 10am. Because I was a shade on a frazzled side, I didn't take complete note of where I parked. I remember "Meeker", the Minnesota County on the new U stadium, but didn't get a full mental layout. Why this is important will become clearer later.

Even though the Fair had only been open for a few hours, the gate by the park and ride entrance was the most crowded I've ever seen it. The Fair volunteers were directing people to the next gate up, only a block or so away. That was not crowded and those of us who made the hike got in much faster than those on the same bus who didn't. Still, I went in a completely different entrance than usual, between the Haunted House and the Dairy Building, and my usual Fair dead-reckoning was continually off. Why this is important will become clearer later.

The food at the Dairy Building is loaded with fat and/or sugar, so I rarely eat anything, but I do like to check into the butter head sculpting of the latest Princess Kay of the Milky Way.

Feeling a bit peckish, and wanting the Minnesota State Fair Experience, I had Shrimp on a Stick at the Grilled Shrimp booth. Butter garlic; a tasty snack that the BP Gulf Oil Disaster will impact next year.

I wanderer around a bit, but knew where I was headed: The International Bazaar. The best food deal at the Fair, imrho, is the Island Noodles. A major First Day coup (probably): One booth was selling the "Ultimate Squire Gun" with a demo. After I took a couple of pictures, one of the Fair staffers came over and told the kid that he couldn't squirt water into the open like that. People might get wet. Don't know if the kid ignored him or came up with another way to demo, but I probably have the last photo of the full squirt.

The first major decision of the day: I wanted to go see Al Franken at noon, and I wanted to see Lehto and Wright. I have their first album, from ten years ago. They're a local group that does Steeleye-Span-like celtic music as country and/or King Crimson. For three people, they make an awful lot of music. I decided to go to the 10:45 show, but had a few minutes, so went over to the Horticulture Building to see prize wining apples and watch various knife and pruning demos. Ran into Tim Wick and his mother, but was still eating the Stir Fry and didn't take pics.
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Had dinner and watched a little tv. Went to bed waaay early and slept for ten hours.