August 28th, 2010

New Tilley Hat

The Minneapolis Fire Collective: Three videos

A Facebook victory: The Minneapolis Fire Collective has no internet presence I could find aside from their FB listing, and somehow I was alerted to their performance at Powderhorn Park on Wednesday. They are one of thirty-three acts invited to Burning Man (which web site doesn't list net contacts either). Carole and I went. The Powderhorn Neighborhood Association shows films on this big inflatable movie screen, and right before a free viewing of Up, the MFC came on to do a show.

Several people had video cameras and positioned themselves as close as fire laws allowed. I was moderately far away, and the sun was setting soon to be dark. I'm sure they got very good video. My handheld FlipCam videos aren't crisp, but I was able to get all the fire dancers in an HD shot. Here are the three videos I took; two of around nine minutes and the third of just over four. If you're only going to see one, try the middle one: By then it was dark and the spectacle was wide. But all three have their fiery charms.

One of three: Powderhorn Park, Mpls, 8/25/10
link to YouTube

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