September 20th, 2010

New Tilley Hat

Catching up on FB status updates (early autumn edition)

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Baron Dave Romm...

An amazing routine. Bounced off Duane Parsons.

Ah, the Tex Avery School of Medicine.  Anything that gets the ol' ticker pumping is good for you.  Well, hey, this one works for me (except for the "at par" construction).  Ogled by Pro O' Daul . 

Okay, which of my Mpls Dave friends (or Dave foafs) wants to go to Famous Dave's on Sunday? We'll Great Wall. [Eventually four of us made it: David, Dave, David, DavE.]

The last roll of Kodachrome is put to good use.  Snapped from Marty Pflugrath 's Bartcop-E site. 

You can't make this stuff up, and wouldn't admit it if you did. Sarah Palin & co. are keeping more comedians employed than the Bush family during their heyday. Gleaned from Marty Pflugrath on Bartcop Entertainment.

The Java (28th& Nic in Mpls) redid their floor for the coming buffet. Bad news: The booths are gone. Good news: To celebrate 36 years in business, the first day of the buffet, Aug. 9, will be half price (presumably, $4). Dunno if having the buffet means their previous menu is gone or revamped. Added: booths are back! [Previous menu still available; lunch and dinner buffets are good.]

...voted, then had iced coffee.  Preparing for Hump Day at the Fringe.

The touted aurora borealis wasn't visible in Minneapolis (and I looked), and I'll be in the cities for the Persieds.  At least the lightning storms have been great. 

... went to the MN State Fair.  Had a great time.  Heard music.  Shook the hand of Al Franken, the second US Senator I've met in three days.  Ate food, some on a stick.  Butterflies alit.  Got lost but escaped.  Lost my car in the parking lot, but found it.  Home.  Tired.  Terse.  Pics and report later.

Trivia battle royale: I knew who Olive Oyl's brother was, and who is always the victim in Clue... but so did someone else, apparently. We were edged out by three points to land in second place. Third place was waaaay behind. Ah well, we'll take it.

Woo Hoo!  For the first time in 4.27 zillion years, I was able to get on the 60th St. entrance to 35W North. 8/31/10

Nearly thirty years ago, I volunteered to do a live concert... on the radio.  Since I don't play an instrument, I freely covered other people's songs by simply playing the original version.  Here is my set list: My set: Songs I would play were I to be able to play the guitar

The perils of closet cleaning:  I have more tote bags than things to tote!

Glenn Beck is a liar, pure and simple, and anyone who believes what he says is a gullible moron.  Q.  Why won't conservatives grow up?  A.  There ain't no sanity clause.

... just joined Ping.  First person the iTunes social network wants me to follow: Lady Gaga.  Clearly, not quite up to snuff.  Still, you can follow me now.  Or recommend that I follow you.  Or ignore the whole thing.

Hey, I just found my box of Spindizzies.  You all probably have one already, but I should really just upload the digital file.

Too many on the right believe lies and don't believe the truth [says Roger Ebert]. Now, more than ever, Burke's observation is dead on: "All that's necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." We must stop the return to Bush-era insanity. This is an important election.

Coffeeem says:  Go to today and play with the logo.   I join in her delight.  (Only good on 9/7/10, the day before Google went "instant".)

Star Trek premiered on Sept. 8, 1966.  I watched that first show and kept going.  Still watch various incarnations.  

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